Friday, February 03, 2006

Channukas Ha-Blog

With praise and hodaos to Ha-Shem Yisborakh, I am proud to send this first post to a new entity in Breslev cyberspace:

Haside Breslev Online
in the name of ha-Admo'r mi-Breslev, ha-Rav Nachman ben Faige za"l.

The purpose of this blog is to serve as an information and news service for the English speaking Breslev community.

As any Breslever knows, the overwhelming majorty of Breslev today is in the Holy Land. For those with an interest in Breslev living outside Erets Yisrael, it is vitally important to maintain a kesher with the doings and goings-on in the Breslev mainstream (if I may be permitted to describe it as such). Also, it is often difficult for those with a budding interest in Breslev to find guidance and direction in a hassidus whose unique derekh, structure, and varieties of expression can often confuse the novice.

Hopefully we can fulfill these needs. Please return soon for more posts and more information on how you or your organization can assist in this unique and important project.

With Blessings - Rabbi A. Bloomenstiel, Editor.


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