Wednesday, February 15, 2006

HATZALA ALERT! A Family Desperately Needs Our Help...

We received this today from the Breslov Center in New York (see "Links" to the left for their website). Please Endeavor to help in this urgent cause:

Urgent--Life and Death,"Pekuach Nefesh," says Rav Firer
Tue, 14 Feb 2006

Malka Molly Yehudit bas Bracha is a 34 year old Tsfas mother of seven, five months pregnant, with a malignant lung growth. The family conferred with Rav Firer, a renowned rav and medical expert. He reviewed the doctor's findings and assessed that this is a "pekuach nefesh -- dachuf," live and death situation. The Rav of the Tsfas Breslov community, Rav Elazar Kenig, shlita, adds his personal haskamah / verification, that this is a matter of pekuach nefesh, life and death.
Please respond immediately. Address, e-mail ID, and phone number are enclosed below for urgent donations. Time is of the essence to save this woman's life. Rav Firer has stated that every day counts because the disease is in already in the woman's lymph nodes. Rav Firer advised that she should use only private doctors, because it will increase her chance of living and it will maximize the chances for her unborn baby to survive, if possible.
There is a medicine available that is suited to her needs. The results have been so good with other patients, that it is nicknamed "the lifesaver." Including this medicine in her treatment plan, Rav Firer tells the family that the treatment would cost around $4,000 a month in medical bills. Every shekel, every dollar helps.
This week, they are meeting with more specialists for second opinions. Especially critical right now is whether to try to save the unborn baby, without diminishing the mother's chances of survival.
I know that most of us are overstressed in giving tzedakah and ma'asar. Most of us already have targeted our most urgent causes, and have added to what is required until it already hurts. Pleas join me in pledging something monthly. It might be a reassessment of whom/what you are giving to. It might be giving up a "treat" of the few treats that we have left in our life, and that we well deserve, so that this young mother will live. For those of you who are into calculating your heshbon, accounting, in the heavens above, it will be very greatly rewarded.

The Erdstein family of Tsfas is the point of contact for this cause:

Batya (and Baruch) Erdstein
Tsfas phone number: 04 697 0243
International calls from US & Canada, dial 001 972 4 697 0243

Address for checks:
Make payable to: Itamar Reuveni
Mailing Address:c/o Erdstein Family

Rachov Yud Bet # 88
Old City

May we hear news of her speedy and full recovery,
Chana Besser
Tsfas, Israel


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